What We Do

STUDIO 37 is a visual media studio based in sunny Tel Aviv, Israel. We provide brands in various industries with motion graphics & design solutions, with exceptional attention to detail and a well-honed sense of aesthetic intent.

How it Works

At STUDIO 37, we offer a combination of skills in one place, for big or small projects, to create memorable videos that bring your ideas and stories to your target audience.

Our team works closely with our clients, and place a strong emphasis on high-quality service.

We specialize in creating the best team for each project, with studios and professionals that specialize in different fields to provide our clients with the skill-set needed for their projects.

The People

Our team consists of a wide range of talents and skills;

Directors, Copywriters, Designers, Illustrators, Photographers, 3D Artists, Visual-Artists, and Producers all with extensive experience and creativity.

Motion-Storytelling are the heart and soul of our culture, and a crucial tool to promote your brand and message